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I am an avid weak signal worker and can be found on any band between 160m and 24 GHz

I was licensed in 1960 and the first 10-15 years were devoted to the HF bands and DXing. In the early 70's I got interested in VUSHF and became QRV on 2m EME in 1975. A year later on 432 and soon also 1296 MHz. The 8m dish is under repair and will hopefully be reinstalled later this year (2011).

As soon as my new antennas have been installed, I will be around on both HF and VUSHF. For HF I am going to put up a new KLM logperiodic antenna at 28 m and on the 33 m level there will be a 6m yagi. For the low bands I am using a Lannabo linear loaded vertical. Current transceiver is a Elecraft K3 amplified by an OM-2500.

For EME I will use my old FT-736 together with various amplifiers. On 2m it is a 4CX1500A, for 70cm a TH-347 and for 23cm I am using a GS-15. All connected to my 8m dish when reinstalled on a new mount.

I also have a 4m dish to be used for 6 and 3 cm where I have TWT amplifiers to go.

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