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Other SM EME'ers

SK6OSO on 6cm EME July  2011

SM4IVE in Sept 2010

SK6OSO in July 2009

SM3AKW in July 2008.     

SM6CQU in 2008
Kjell is working hard on his 3m+ offset antenna

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A visit to SM3AKW in July 2008

This is now 8 x 13WL BV type for 70 cm

Guess what? Yes, wall amplifiers






Antenna project by SM6CQU




SK6OSO on 6cm in July 2011

This is the operating position and left to right you can  see SM6CQU, SM6CMU and SM6CKU on the key. The three of us all got our HAM tickets at the end of 1960.

We worked 22 different stations during Saturday and half Sunday and most of them were easy copy with the 25,6m antenna.



Picture taken at the Swedish EME meeting in Örebro May 13-15, 2011. There were nearly 30 moon-bouncers from Belgium, England, Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Sweden attending.

The meeting decided to create a new EME site on the web. The URL is




SM4IVE, Lars

working on his dual band QRO Power Amplifiers in Sept 2010.

One for 432 and one for 1296 MHz.





SK6OSO was on 23cm July 18/19 2009 with this massive antenna. We worked nearly 50 different stations.

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or check




Swedish EME operators at the EME Conference in Florence 2008.

Unfortunately I could not attend myself.







Carl in his shack

and here is his new project...






This is the half 6m antenna that was used to make a mold for a 3m offset fibreglass antenna by Parabolic in early 90's.



Thanks to Kjell, SM6CQU, it will now be used again, but for EME on 23cm

Currently Kjell is working on the feed and the elevation mechanism