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Nov 1st 2012 I worked G3LTF and DL1YMK/A for my first QSOs on 13cm.

The 4m dish is now tracking the moon very well. First real tests were made during the ARRL EME contest on Oct 6/7 where a large number of stations were heard.

The picture to the left is from October 2012 and taken from a trike.


4m dish for 6 and 3 cm


This is the remains of a 1940 Bofors cannon. Painted and equipped with 3-phase motors



After 2014 the 13 cm band is not available to us in Sweden. As I had a high power permit to the end of 2013 I tried to work some 13 cm EME Contacts and ended up with nearly 60 initials. 

DL1YMK was kind enough to let me use his spare feedhorn and SSPA. SM6PGP supplied a transverter and lots of support.

The SSPA was temporarily housed in an aluminium box by the side of the mount.

The antenna tracks the moon very well using an OE5JFL controller and that is a new experience for me. All my previous EME antennas have been manually controlled but entering the microwave regions a tracking dish was needed.

From March 2014 I have been QRV on 6 cm with 48 watts output. The amplifier and feedhorn was made by SM6PGP and it works very well. SM6PGP has 80 watts and a 1,8m dish and we can easily work each other off the moon. We are only about 5 km apart. The doppler shift makes it easy to separate direct signal from the moon echoes. So far some 25 initials are logged. Here is a picture of the outdoor unit.


Control Box for the 4m antenna with the help of SM6CQU






The antenna I  use is a 4m Parabolic made antenna