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Status as of August, 2014

The repairing of the 8m dish is nearly finished and I expect/hope to get it up on the tower before winter. If I get QRV it will probably be on 23 cm first. I have not been there since 2007....


The 8m dish project

(still in progress)



The new mount arriving to the EME shack


Unloading the 5 ton mount


Close up of the drive, 2m in diameter


The 8m dish has been taken down for repairs and will be prepared for re-installation on the new mount







The elevation screw is a 5 ton jack which I hope will handle the dish without counterweights.


The dish has now been turned over again and repairs is in progress. Nov, 2011

Picture taken from under or inside the dish Jan 16th 2011 with 1 feet of snow on the ground

Picture is taken early Nov 2010 from the original position of the dish!

From down to up in Oct 2010


This was before the antenna was taken down in September 2007.

In the background you can see my 90 ft tower with different antennas. They are also grounded for repairs.


The new 8m mount finally secured to foundation


A view of the bottom of the mount