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For Sale




For Sale

10" 24 VDC Linear Actuator of very high quality and made in Sweden, NOS (several available)

Weather Satellite Receiver 137 MHz from Wraase (1)

Weather Satellite Receiver 137 MHz from Wraase (1)

Helix and Omni directional antenna 2,5 GHz (1 each)

FM TV transmitter 2.5-2.7 GHz (several, different FQ's)

Professional FM Radio modulator/transmitter 88 - 108 MHz (1)

4-way splitter/combiner 900-2150 MHz w/N-connectors and 40cm RG-58 cables with N-connectors (several each)

FM TV Transmitter L-band, fixed frequency (2)

FM TV TX and RX on 1375 MHz, one watt (1 set)

Power dividers, 800 (1) and 2400 MHz (4)

Down Converter 9.8 to 10.5 GHz LO on 8.8 GHz (1). Can be delivered with several types of feedhorn

FM TV TX (1) and RX (4) for 24cm ATV

10 to 12 GHz Feedhorn and OMT for f/D >0.5 (several each). Read about circular polarization on

Chaparral C-band feedhorn








Updated August, 2014

If any item is of interest to you, please send me an e-mail for description and offer.

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