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HF 160 to 6m

I am QRV on 160 to 6m

6m = 7 el yagi

10-40m = M2 LPA

80m = sloping dipole

K3 + KPA500 or OM2500HF

The picture to the left is taken in Oct 2012 from a trike.


HF 160 to 6m







After 54 years of DXing I finally worked the last country for my DXCC. On the 21st of Sept 2014, I logged E30FB for my 340/372 standing.




Now the 7&10-30LP8 is up on 27m agl and working nicely from 7 to 30 MHz

(August 21, 2011)











A new log periodic antenna from M2 waiting to be put in place on top of the tower

(August 05, 2011)








The 7 el I0JJX 6m yagi is already on top at 33 meters agl